35th International Conference on Oncology Nursing and Cancer Care scheduled during September 14-15, 2020 at Tokyo, Japan

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Cancer Nursing Congress 2020 will highlight the latest discoveries across the spectrum of cancer research experimental therapeutics, molecular targeted therapies, molecular biology and genetics, immunology and immunotherapy, tumor biology, virology, toxicology, prevention, survivorship and advocacy and share the recent work of the best minds in research and clinical medicine from institutions of US, Europe and Asia.

Cancer is the name given to a gathering of related diseases. In a wide range of malignant growth, a portion of the body's cells start to isolate ceaselessly and spread into surrounding tissues. Malignant growth can begin anyplace in the human body, which is comprised of trillions of cells. Regularly, human cells develop and gap to shape new cells as the body needs them. At the point when cells develop old or become harmed, they pass on, and new cells have their spot.

When cancer develops, however, this orderly process breaks down. As cells become more and more abnormal, old or damaged cells survive when they should die, and new cells form when they are not needed. These extra cells can divide without stopping and may form growths called tumors.

Cancer cells differ from normal cells in many ways that allow them to grow out of control and become invasive. One important difference is that malignant growth cells are less specialized than normal cells. That is, whereas normal cells mature into very distinct cell types with specific functions, cancer cells do not. This is one reason that, unlike normal cells, cancer cells continue to divide without stopping.

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